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Top Notch Creative ( by Top Notch Creative is an interactive, web and digital design service provider based in Boca Raton, USA. The following Terms and Policies, apply to all digital products, pre-made or custom design services, and the service provider Top Notch Creative.

Please email us at with any questions.

By placing an order and purchasing a digital product or services at Top Notch Creative and all of its entities, you agree to, understand and have read all terms and policies of Top Notch Creative as well as the full description of the specific service or product you purchase. Depending on project scale and type, a Service Agreement could be created with details of scope, process, terms, and policies, before any work is performed, in addition to the Terms here. If applied, please refer to Service Agreement provided for your specific project for details.  

We accepts Paypal and credit cards anywhere in the world or bank wire transfer. If you do not have a Paypal account at the time of check out, you can simply enter your credit card information. You do not need a Paypal account to make a payment on Top Notch Creative. Unless otherwise noted, all payments must be received in full before any work is performed. Prices listed on Top Notch Creative website and estimates and quotes provides are in USD unless otherwise noted.

All sales and prices are FINAL and THERE IS NO REFUND for any payments made. Once a payment is made, you AGREE to and fully UNDERSTAND the terms and policies of Top Notch Creative and HAVE READ the package description you purchase. 

To accommodate different needs of each client, there are several Add-On services which can be purchased along with the design package, and if applied, during (NOT after, unless otherwise agreed in writing) the design process when needed.

Font or color change
The Add-on or the option for font or color change allows ONE SET of font replacement only. If you like to see more than one set, please contact us or purchase additional Add-on accordingly.

Add-On Rush Order
In any event you need the design (pre-made or custom) sooner than the estimated delivery time indicated in the package description, please contact me for a Rush Order to speed up the process. Please make sure to confirm the possible timeframe with us before you place your order.

Additional Revision
When all design options and revisions included with your purchase have been fully utilized, you may purchase Add-On services for additional revisions or design options based on your needs.

As each project and client has different needs, all custom design packages come with a set number of design options and revisions. When ordering please refer to the package description for the number of design options and revisions included with your purchase. After the initial design proof is sent to you, please review and respond with your feedback if a revision is needed. As each package has limited number of revisions, please be as specific as possible when requesting changes (for example, with regard to specific color replacement, or size/scale/positioning/spacing changes). When all design options and revisions included with your purchase have been fully utilized, you may purchase Add-On services for additional revisions or design options based on your needs. The Add-On service can be purchased at any time during the design process. Once a design is approved and delivered, it is possible to revise a finished design ONLY with additional charges paid in full, with an agreement and confirmation for scope of work in writing between the client and Top Notch Creative. 

All pre-made logo and semi-custom logo designs are delivered in three formats: PNG, JPG and PDF. For custom design projects, source files such as PSD or EPS is included. For pre-made logo or custom art prints, Photoshop (PSD) or EPS file used to create the artwork can be purchased for additional fees. If you have lost the design file from a finished project, you may purchase the Add-on to retrieve the assets, ONLY IF I am able to retrieve the file. Projects can be stored only up to 12 months from the day of the purchase; however Top Notch Creative does not guarantee the storage of your design assets 14 days after delivery. We strongly recommend you purchase the source file PSD/EPS Add-on and back up your design assets. Design elements such as fonts, stock images or illustration will be flattened when delivered as assets, in compliance with copyright laws. To own the fonts used in your logo design and use it elsewhere for your business or website, you must purchase the fonts and the necessary licenses. Elements used in any design, pre-made or custom, under any circumstances, can not be re-used, sold or transferred to a third party, for any purpose. All designs are copyright-protected and intellectual property of Top Notch Creative. 

During the process of working on a design project, you will hear from us with questions and reviews which require your prompt response. The communication is mainly conducted by e-mail and in writing to ensure all decision making process is fully documented. If for any reason we do not hear from you for more than 7 calendar days, the LATEST version of design assets will be sent to you as the FINAL DESIGN. The project is considered terminated and delivered. 

H. Portfolio Use of the Design
Top Notch Creative retains the right to display, use, and present all images and designs created in the process of any work for hire projects and made to order service contracts, pre-made or custom, in our portfolio, website, blog or any self-promotional content without notice. 

Pre-made Logo Design for Wedding, Business or Personal Use
By purchasing any pre-made logo designs, you agree and therefore are granted the right to use, to post or print the final design for your business or personal use. However, you may not re-sell it or transfer the right to a third party. 

Pre-made Digital art, Web Graphics, Coloring Page, and Printable Designs
By purchasing any pre-made digital art and printable designs, you agree and therefore are granted the right to use, print and post the design for PERSONAL USE only. You may post on social networks (personal page or account) or personal websites only if a credit is given - a link to our website with 'Design by TOP NOTCH CREATIVE' is required. For posting on business or commercial websites or social media page of any business entity, please contact us for more information on acquiring a commercial license. There is no business or commercial use permitted for any digital products without additional licensing and fees.

Single User License
All digital product, DIY downloadable purchase including and not limited to printable art, instant download logo, web graphics download at Top Notch Creative permits use with a non-transferrable Single User License only. To distribute or to use any digital purchase for commercial activity, to post online as a freebie, or to print or to re-sell is strictly prohibited and illegal. Please contact us if you wish to purchase a MULTI-USER LICENSE for any of our digital download products for commercial use.

Non-exclusivity Pre-made Design
All pre-made designs and digital download products are NON EXCLUSIVE by default and therefore can be re-sold. Semi-custom logo design and custom logo design are one of a kind and will not be re-sold. If you like to make any pre-made design exclusively yours, please contact us for more information on acquiring a pre-made design for exclusive rights and ownership.

Custom Design
For copyrights and terms of custom design projects, please refer to Service Agreement. 

All content on Top Notch Creative and all its related entities and domains is intellectual property of Top Notch Creative and may not be printed, reproduced, or posted online without permission. 

Top Notch Creative reserves the right to remove any content posted anytime without notice. Use of logo for posting, sharing and printing is prohibited unless noted with granted permission in writing. Please contact us in advance to make sure you comply with our terms and policies.

Please don't hesitate to e-mail us with any questions.


Keala, Pierre and Anis